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Ikea Kitchen Contractors – Introducing Ikea’s Sektion!

Ever since it hit the stores in early 2015, the IKEA Sektion Kitchen cabinet system has continued to receive lots of praise due to its versatility and functionalities in meeting the needs of homeowners. The Sektion system was aimed at simplifying the older systems in order to make it easy for consumers and homeowners to get the customized kitchens they have always envisioned and with our Ikea kitchen installations Toronto team you’ll skip those costly mistakes. Ikea Kitchen Contractors Talk: The kitchen system essentially gives you the power to have a kitchen that will fit exactly in your spaces without compromising the functionality in any way. Below is a detailed description of the important features of the new IKEA Sektion Kitchen System:

Dimensions and sizes

The Sektion kitchen system from IKEA allows you to have cabinets of any custom design you can ever dream of. The cabinets have been designed in such a manner that they will fit smoothly and easily next to one another. For example, cabinets that are 15 inches high will fit perfectly well with those that are 30 inches high. Additionally, cabinets that are 20 inches high will also fit well next to cabinets that are 40 inches high. You can thus have various combinations of cabinet heights to fit well within your spaces and offer you the functionality you desire.

Cabinet depths

The new system also comes with new cabinet depths which are slightly deeper than the previous system. For instance, the Sektion system has two distinct cabinet depths of 15 inches and 24 inches. This is an addition of about 2 inches from the previous system.

Drawers and doors

Drawers and doors are usually the main centers of attraction when it comes to kitchen designs, and the new IKEA Sektion kitchen system has not disappointed. Just like with the previous Akurum system, the Sektion system allows you to place drawer and door fronts in any place of your preference within the modular system’s cabinet. The drawer heights start from as low as five inches, and they come in multiple sizes with the highest one being 60inches tall. With such a design, you have the versatility to cover several drawers of different sizes with one larger front drawer if you desire to create more nice designs with a lot of powerful storage choices.


With the new IKEA Sektion kitchen system, the cabinet boxes are available in white and dark options to match the exteriors of most of the kitchen systems besides making a design statement of their own when they are used as open cabinetry. Drawer fronts the doors in this system are available in a variety of colours and styles. With the modular nature of the system, it is possible to turn an overall modern look to be more modern one by adjusting the system to reflect modern design like the Italian designs. Consumers who prefer more traditional looks can also adapt the designs easily to reflect the traditional styles such as the Victorian or the vintage cottage styles. Ikea Kitchen Contractors Talk: The Sektion system comes with additional accessories and handles to complement the various designs.

The ease of an Ikea kitchen installation

It is also worth noting that the new IKEA Sektion kitchen system is easy to install just like the previous styles. Once you have the right measurements and the kitchen is delivered to you; you can follow the clear installation guides and do the installation on your own, or you can seek the services of professional kitchen installers to help you with the installation.

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