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Alternatives to Ikea’s Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Are you thinking of upgrading your Ikea cabinet doors?

Upgrading the doors of your Ikea Kitchen may become a necessary reality at some point during the life of your IKEA Kitchen. Though all the components of the Ikea kitchens have been designed to serve you for the longest time possible, it doesn’t inhibit you from making changes on the certain components you might feel like changing, remember that our Ikea kitchen installers Toronto team can help you avoid the costly errors. The good news is that this kitchen system is quite versatile and will allow for seamless upgrades without ever compromising the integrity, aesthetics, and functionalities of the kitchen. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to upgrade the doors of your IKEA Kitchen:

Change of heart in the design: Perhaps when you initially designed and ordered for your Ikea kitchen, you chose a specific door design which you found to be appealing at that time. But after installation and using the doors for sometimes, you have a change of heart about the design. In this case, you don’t have to reap apart your entire kitchen, but merely upgrade the doors to the specific style or design you are interested in. Ikea Kitchen makes this a breeze and you don’t have to worry about affecting other components during the upgrade.

Avoid the inconvenience of creating a new kitchen: The aesthetics are core components of every kitchen design. Maybe you are interested in giving your kitchen a new look and a new feel but you don’t want to go through the whole process of creating a new Ikea kitchen and getting it installed in the place of the current ones. By just upgrading the doors of your Ikea kitchen, you will achieve a fresh and new look in your kitchen without the inconvenience of time and money associated with the installation of a new kitchen. This is another reason why you may want to upgrade the doors on your Ikea kitchen.

Extend the existing design without losing the uniformity: When you want to extend the design of your Ikea kitchen and avoid losing the uniformity and the functionality of the kitchen, the best option would be to conduct an upgrade on certain components of the kitchen like the doors. With such an upgrade, you can make the current design look more appealing without affecting the normal conveniences you usually enjoy from the kitchen. It is a nice way to give the kitchen more functionality without necessarily removing some of the core components.

For home staging: Finally, you may want to upgrade the doors on your Ikea Kitchen when you need to sell your house, and you want to increase its perceived value. The kitchen is one of the places where the potential buyers are keen on when deciding to purchase a new home. By upgrading the doors on your Ikea kitchen, you will make the entire kitchen look more valuable and this will have the effect of raising the overall value of your home. In this manner, you will be increasing the value of your kitchen and consequently your home without getting involved with expensive home renovations or upgrades.

Ikea’s Sektion: Kitchen Cabinet System

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Installing An Ikea Kitchen, Introducing Ikea’s Sektion!

Ever since it hit the stores in early 2015, the IKEA Sektion Kitchen cabinet system has continued to receive lots of praises due to its versatility and functionalities in meeting the needs of homeowners. The Sektion system was aimed at simplifying the older systems in order to make it easy for consumers and homeowners to get customized kitchen they have always envisioned and with our Ikea kitchen installations Toronto team you’ll skip those costly mistakes. The kitchen system essentially gives you the power to have a kitchen that will fit exactly in your spaces without compromising the functionality in any way. Below is a detailed description of the important features of the new IKEA Sektion Kitchen System:

Dimensions and sizes: The Sektion kitchen system from IKEA allows you to have cabinets of any custom design you can ever dream of. The cabinets have been designed in such a manner that they will fit smoothly and easily next to one another. For example, cabinets that are 15 inches high will fit perfectly well to those that are 30 inches high. Additionally, cabinets that are 20 inches high will also fit well next to cabinets that are 40 inches high. You can thus have various combinations of cabinet heights to fit well within your spaces and offer you the functionality you desire.

Cabinet depths: The new system also comes with new cabinet depths which are slightly deeper than the previous system. For instance, the Sektion system has two distinct cabinet depths of 15 inches and 24 inches. This is an addition of about 2 inches from the previous system.

Drawers and doors: Drawers and doors are usually the main centers of attraction when it comes to kitchen designs, and the new IKEA Sektion kitchen system has not disappointed. Just like with the previous Akurum system, the Sektion system allows you to place drawer and door fronts in any place of your preference within the modular system’s cabinet. The drawer heights start from as low as five inches, and they come in multiple sizes with the highest one being 60inches tall. With such a design, you have the versatility to cover several drawers of different sizes with one larger front drawer if you desire to create more nice designs with a lot of powerful storage choices.

Finishes: With the new IKEA Sektion kitchen system, the cabinet boxes are available in white and dark options to match the exteriors of most of the kitchen systems besides making a design statement of their own when they are used as open cabinetry. Drawer fronts the doors in this system are available in a variety of colors and styles. With the modular nature of the system, it is possible to turn an overall modern look to be more modern by adjusting the system to reflect modern design like the Italian designs. For consumers who prefer more traditional looks, they can also adapt the designs easily to reflect the traditional styles such as the Victorian or the vintage cottage styles. They Sektion system comes with additional accessories and handles to complement the various designs.

The ease of an Ikea kitchen installation: It is also worth noting that the new IKEA Sektion kitchen system is easy to install just like the previous styles. Once you have the right measurements and the kitchen is delivered to you; you can follow the clear installation guides and do the installation on your own, or you can seek the services of professional kitchen installers to help you with the installation.

Benefits of the Ikea Kitchen Planner

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Installing An Ikea Kitchen, The Ikea Kitchen Planner!

The IKEA Kitchen Planner has made it possible for thousands of homeowners to design and install the kitchen of their dreams. With the planner, homeowners have the ability to plan every detail of their kitchens, including the drawers, the door fronts, the lighting and fixtures, and the cabinets amongst other features in the kitchen. The planner has thus increased tremendously in popularity such that everyone building a new kitchen or renovating their kitchens will always want to go the IKEA Kitchen Planner way. Presented here are some of the benefits as well as the ease of using the IKEA Kitchen Planner. If you’re interested in a professional coming in to help aid in the design process then see our Ikea kitchen installers Toronto page and forgo many of the common mistakes.

Intuitive and easy to use: One of the wonderful benefits homeowners and designers like the planner for is its intuitive nature and ease of use. Everyone can learn how to use the planner within a short time and start designing the kitchens of their dreams. It thus negates the need to hire experienced planners and designers to come up with the appropriate plans for your kitchens. Not many kitchen planner tools offer this kind of flexibility to the users.

Intuitive and easy to use: One of the wonderful benefits homeowners and designers like the planner for is its intuitive nature and ease of use. Everyone can learn how to use the planner within a short time and start designing the kitchens of their dreams. It thus negates the need to hire experienced planners and designers to come up with the appropriate plans for your kitchens. Not many kitchen planner tools offer this kind of flexibility to the users.

Versatile Designs: With the IKEA Kitchen Planner, designers are homeowners have endless possibilities when it comes to the design of the kitchens. So versatile are the designs that you can design just any kind of kitchen that comes into your mind. Whether you want a classic kitchen, a Victorian kitchen or the vintage designs, you are free to choose whatever designs that come into your mind when using the tool.

Complete product Lists: When using other kitchen planners, you will have to come up with the design first then generate the list of the items needed to actualize the design. This is not only tedious but leaves large room for errors since you are likely to forget with other elements or take the wrong measurements. But with the IKEA Kitchen Planner, a detailed list of all the products needed to make your design a reality will be automatically generated as you build and design your new kitchen. When you are done with the design, you will also have the name, the price, the product description as well as the main material for all the items needed to install the kitchen. These are the information you then send to IKEA to have them manufacture the kitchen components for you.

All About Ikea’s Besta

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What You Need To Know About IKea’s Besta

When everything in your house has been designed to reflect a particular theme, television and other electronic gadgets always annoy by breaking the flow of the aesthetics. It is this deficiency that Ikea sought to remedy through the Ikea Besta System. This system aims at matching the furniture to the television and other electronic gadgets as well as providing additional storage in the living rooms. It is a common occurrence for most homes to have a piece of furniture for the television but still they have to deal with the problem of visible cables and cords. Such cables and cords not only make the rooms look cluttered but also they are potentially safety hazards when they are left lying around carelessly, more often than not an Ikea kitchen installer can help with the design and come up with solutions that the average homeowner may not have thought of.

The Ikea Besta system thus brings a long lasting solution for the electronics by availing furniture in size, design, and color that will offer excellent storage for the electronics, cables, and the remote controls without tampering with the aesthetics of the room. With Ikea Besta system, it is hoped that the technical looks of the television and other electronic gadgets will no longer be viewed as hindrances to the room’s aesthetics but rather as complements that will be part of the room’s furniture. To achieve this, the style of the furniture for the living rooms will hence be dictated by the cabinetry and not by individual gadgets for them to fit well into the overall aesthetics of the room.

The approach thus advocates that the design of the electronics should be from the home furnishing perspective and not from the perspective of the electronics world. It is important to understand that the Besta system is not an entirely separate system from the core of Ikea furniture solutions. Instead, it is considered as integration into the furniture lines produced by Ikea so that it can fit without any problems in the homes of customers who already bought other Ikea lines of furniture. The essence of this type of versatility was to make it easy for the already existing customer to have the systems as part of their home furniture without the need of having new redesigns to accommodate the storage of the television sets and other electronic gadgets. This was a later development of the other lines of furniture were already in place hence the approach adopted had to conform to the current Ikea designs. With the Ikea Besta system, therefore, consumers have a nice way of using different electronics in the house without worrying about them ruining the aesthetics of the rooms. The systems are available in different styles, shapes, and designs which are bound to meet the specific needs of most of the consumers. It is the ultimate way to ensure congruency between the furniture and the electronics in the rooms.

Due to the success of the adoption of the Besta system, people are wondering if Ikea will extend the concept to take care of other electronics such as the refrigerator. But Ikea has remained tight-lipped about its plans and only asserts that it is always looking for ways to improve the lives of their consumers. We might probably have a refrigerator built into a kitchen counter system if the innovation by Ikea continues.

Is Ikea’s Besta The Best?

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Will Give you The Reasons To Go With IKea’s Besta

AIkea Besta storage is one of the affluent solutions homeowners are using to reduce the clutter in their living rooms. Apparently, there is more that is expected to be stored in the living rooms than most people imagine. For instance, people are fond of storing books and antique or souvenirs within the living rooms. This is not to mention that the televisions and other electronic gadgets also compete for the same storage space within the living rooms. Ikea Besta storage system presents you with lasting solutions to all the clutter usually brought about by poor storage facilities at home. Here are six reasons why this storage system is currently the best for homeowners-:

Good storage for a television and other electronics?

Ikea Besta Storage system offers an awesome solution for storing television and other electronics within the living room. One problem that most homeowners faced was that having different storage for the television sets and other electronics contradicted the flow of the aesthetics of the room. With the Besta system, however, the storage for the electronics is made to match the rest of the furniture so that the beauty and the aesthetics of the room are not affected in any manner.

Storage for everything:

Other than offering awesome storage for the television and other electronics, the Besta storage system generally offers storage for virtually anything you wish to store in the living room. For instance, people like having bookshelves where they store their favorite books and some pieces of antiques. With this system, you get sweetly designed solutions to take care of all your storage needs in the living room.

Versatility in design:

Just as is the norm for the rest of Ikea furniture lines, the Besta system also exudes a great deal of versatility regarding designs. You are free to choose the designs availed by Ikea, or you can as well design your system, and Ikea will manufacture the components for you or professional Ikea kitchen installers to install. In this manner, homeowners have the ability to have their dream living rooms without necessarily incurring the heavy expenses associated with hiring professional designers to do the work.

Matches the theme:

The fact that the Ikea Besta storage system is versatile in nature makes it possible to rhyme with the various themes adopted by the homeowners. Whether you are interested in modern storage solutions to match the prevailing modern theme in your home, Ikea makes it possible for you.

Enhances proper safety:

In the living rooms and the absence of proper storage in the house, accidents are likely to occur, especially due to carelessly placed electronic wires and cords. But since Ikea provides awesome storage for such, it greatly enhances the safety of the rooms for every family member. Again with proper storage, a great organization is enhanced in the entire rooms. Ikea Besta storage systems thus not only enhance the aesthetics of the living rooms but also enhance their functionality by turning them into safe spaces where the family members will enjoy spending every minute of their time.

4 Reasons Go With Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

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Make Your Next Kitchen Ikea And Why

Are you looking forward to constructing a new kitchen and you are wondering the best design to adopt? Or do you intend to renovate your current kitchen and you are torn between choosing the right style to use? As a homeowner, your desire is to have a beautifully designed kitchen which will offer you with the aesthetics and the functionalities you need for the normal uses of a kitchen. Ikea kitchens provide you with these and many other benefits which will make you enjoy every minute you spend inside your meal preparation rooms. If you are wondering why here are four reasons why you have to make your next kitchen Ikea-:

Ikea gives you the power to have your dream kitchen:

The first compelling reason why you need to make your next kitchen Ikea is because Ikea gives you the chance to bring your dream kitchen into reality. This is made possible by the Ikea kitchen planner where you get to design your entire kitchen down to the specific details. You choose the designs, the colors, the fixtures and every other component you have ever desired your kitchen to have. Ikea will then manufacture all the components for you so that you can install your dream kitchen on your own.

Aesthetics meets functionality:

There is no need to have a beautifully designed kitchen that’s extremely appealing to the eyes yet fail to meet your needs. With the Ikea kitchens, however, aesthetics meets design. This implies that you get a chance to have an extremely beautiful kitchen that’s at the same time guaranteed to meet all your needs for a modern and functional kitchen. Think about beautiful yet functional countertops, faucets, fixtures and cabinet gracing your new kitchen. Most of the kitchen planners will always compromise aesthetics with functionality but with Ikea, you get both and in equal measures.

Relatively affordable:

If you want a professionally designed kitchen, you will have to hire professional kitchen planners to come and make an appropriate design of the kitchen for you. After this, they will do the costing of all the items needed to construct the kitchen. Finally, you will have part with huge amounts of money for the construction labour. With Ikea kitchen, however, you design the kitchen on your own, then Ikea manufactures all the components for you. Once the components are ready, you can easily install the kitchen without any assistance from the professional kitchen installers unless you choose to do so. Ikea kitchen thus saves you a lot of money and is hence relatively affordable compared to the traditional kitchen installation options.

Available in a variety of styles is most likely that you want your next kitchen to be of a specific design or style. Maybe you are wowed by the modern designs or you prefer the classic Italian kitchen designs. It will interest you to know that Ikea kitchens allow you the flexibility to have any design style you are interested in. If in case you don’t like any of the available options, you are at liberty to create your own style and Ikea will implement for you.These are some of the reasons why it is imperative for you to make your next kitchen Ikea so that you experience the joy of bringing your dream kitchen into a reality while at the same time enjoying the beauty and the functionality of the kitchen. Always consider the ease of using a professional for Ikea kitchen installations in Toronto for a hassle free result.