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Not everyone has the time to assemble and install a kitchen, not to mention the expensive mistakes that can occur from inexperience. Our Ikea kitchen installers Toronto and the GTA can install your kitchen quickly saving you time and inconvenience with most jobs being done in 2-3 days. Countertops, plumbing, electrical and gas hookups as well. We also offer kitchen measurement and design for your kitchen as well, one-stop shopping for all your kitchen needs.
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Sometimes you see photos of beautiful designer kitchens in home magazines, and you’ll notice many of the nicest cabinets are Ikea kitchen installations. Pre-assembled cabinets from the Swedish retailer, best known for furnishing first apartments or homes have become increasingly popular and in fact, are the biggest kitchen company in the world and rank a perfect score with J.D. Power and Associates. Sure, they look great in photos, but one has to wonder, are they built to stand the test of time? According to architect Andre D’alia, the answer is yes yes yes! Not only does he have an Ikea kitchen himself, but he’s used them in the homes of several clients. “The primary reason to use Ikea is the relatively low price,” he explains. “But for the price, it’s still great quality.” We’ve worked with a ton of designers and they use other brands but they all use Ikea and the trend is more and more. They’re great but I recommend using Ikea kitchen installers. Learn more about Cabinet Installers: Ikea’s Besta
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Yes, Ikea kitchens are built with MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)—but so are 90% of kitchens, both off-the-shelf or custom. Plywood and hardwoods are prohibitively expensive and MDF is plenty strong enough to handle the wear and tear, not to mention how well it handles the humidity common in most homes. Architect Heather Dubled says “I’m happy with my Ikea kitchen installations and my clients are very happy with theirs.” She says that thanks to Ikea’s extensive purchasing power, it has been able to partner with Blum, the industry’s high-end manufacturer of German hardware, a manufacturer that supplies the company’s door hinges and drawer runners for Ikea.

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There are some great options, says Rob Kocie, publisher of Canadian Contractor magazine. It is slightly more difficult to install ready-made (as opposed to made-to-measure) cabinets in older homes where things aren’t always level and straight. “You might think you are capable of the Ikea kitchen install but end up spending a couple of weeks or more compared to a professional who sometimes can be done in days and provides a professional-looking job,” says Koci. “But ultimately, you’ll have to spend more on a contractor to fix your miscues so I always recommend hiring a professional Ikea kitchen installer so it all works properly. It will still be one of the best kitchen values, it just won’t be dirt cheap”.
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    Ikea Kitchen Installers Near Me VS DIY

    Ikea kitchens have made it possible for thousands of homeowners to design and install their dream kitchens without having any technical knowledge or being savvy in design. If you can use a computer and follow simple instructions, then you can bring your dream kitchen into reality without the help of any experts. But in as much as it is possible to design and install a complete Ikea kitchen without any external assistance, prudent advice is that you will be better off when you use someone experienced in Ikea kitchen installations. This could be either Ikea associates, professional Ikea kitchen installers in Toronto, or a friend with prior experience with Ikea kitchen installation. Here is why this is important-:

    Ikea Cabinet Installers – Get the Measurements Right:

    When working with Ikea Kitchens, it is upon you to measure your kitchen space and then come up with the design of the various components you want to be installed in the kitchen. Once you have the measurements, you will send them over to Ikea to actualize the designs. Cases have been reported that clients claimed to have received kitchen components that didn’t fit the designs of their kitchens. Most of the time, they were not very accurate with the measurements. Hence, Ikea manufactured components that didn’t match their kitchens. Since the manufacturing process is irreversible, it pays to use someone experienced in Ikea kitchen installations to help you get the right measurements the first time.

    Ikea Cabinet Installation Services – Timely Installations:

    Ikea Kitchens comes with comprehensive installation guides such that they can be installed by individuals with low technical knowledge. However, this is not a guarantee that the installation process will take short time if you have never done it before. Figuring out how to bring all the components together might be a little bit of a challenge, and there is a high possibility that you might mix-match everything and even risk damaging some of the parts in the process. But when working with someone experienced in Ikea kitchen installation, you don’t have to worry about any of these. They have probably installed a couple of such kitchens in the past hence, they have the skills to ensure safe and timely installation.

    Ikea Cabinet Installer Toronto – Right Tools:

    For the successful installation of an Ikea kitchen, there are certain tools which one must-have. For instance, you will have to screw and drill the various parts when bringing them up together. As an individual, you may not have all the required tools. Rather than spending money on purchasing a new set of tools purposefully for the installation, it will be much easier and less costly to use someone experienced in Ikea kitchen installation because they already have the right tools to get the job done.


    The other benefit of using experienced Ikea kitchen installers Toronto and the Gta: Such kitchen installers usually have a warranty for their work. This will always be the case when they are professional kitchen installers or in-house installers from Ikea. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about any issues arising from the installation. You will be guaranteed that if anything goes wrong, the work will be redone with no cost on your part.

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