The Kitchen Refacing Process

And Your Other Kitchen Options

Ikea Kitchen Installers

Ikea Kitchen Installers

We have dedicated Ikea kitchen installers with over 500 Ikea kitchen installation under their belt.

Ikea Kitchen Design Services

Ikea Kitchen Design Services

Kitchen cabinet refacing from the choice of stained cabinet doors or painted to door style and wood species.

Cabinet Resurfacing Oakville

Cabinet Resurfacing Oakville

From exhaust fans, backsplashes, gas and plumbing to solid wood dovetail drawers we handle all of the extras.

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Step One: Choose A Style Of Door

This is our most popular line of cabinet doors. Our cabinet doors are assembled from five individually machined components including a solid wood center panel. We manufacture our center panels in a house with careful attention to grain direction, grain character, and colour match. Although we showcase many of our cabinet doors in Maple all of these door styles are available in any species of wood. If there is a style that you’ve set your mind on, we’ll make it. Our solid slab wood veneer cabinet doors are made from the highest quality and it shows.

Solid Slab, Real Wood Veneer Cabinet Doors

cabinet resurfacing Oakville OntarioCoastal Fir
kitchen refinishing service OakvilleBrazilian Cherry
refacing kitchen cabinets near me OakvilleCharcoal Ash
refurbishing kitchen cabinets OakvilleRift Walnut
kitchen refinishing company OakvilleQuartered Teak
kitchen cabinet restoration OakvilleWhite Oak
Driftwood kitchen cabinet door OakvilleDriftwood
European Oak kitchen cabinet door OakvilleEuropean Oak
Frosted Oak kitchen cabinet door OakvilleFrosted Oak
Platinum Wenge kitchen cabinet door OakvillePlatinum Wenge
Claro Walnut kitchen cabinet door OakvilleClaro Walnut
Quartered Walnut kitchen cabinet door OakvilleQuartered Walnut


Wood and MDF Cabinet Doors

Available In Any Wood Species Or MDF

kitchen cabinet door Oakville Henegan kitchen cabinet door OakvilleHenegan
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Cordoba kitchen cabinet door OakvilleCordoba
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Sarmento kitchen cabinet door OakvilleSarmento
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Lancaster kitchen cabinet door OakvilleLancaster
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Adam kitchen cabinet door OakvilleAdam
 kitchen cabinet door Oakville Glencairn kitchen cabinet door OakvilleGlencairn
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Tait kitchen cabinet door OakvilleTait
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Duquette kitchen cabinet door OakvilleDuquette
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Shubert kitchen cabinet door OakvilleShubert
 kitchen cabinet door Oakville Tasker kitchen cabinet door OakvilleTasker
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Tait kitchen cabinet door OakvilleTait
kitchen cabinet door Oakville Powell kitchen cabinet door OakvillePowell

Step Two: Choose a Paint or Stain Colour

When painted doors are used in kitchen cabinet refacing your available selection of colours is as limitless as your imagination, with every colour being available to you .Through the years we’ve grown to love the tremendous selection and style of Benjamin Moore colours and can refer you to their Colour Gallery to help aid in your selection of a colour. We’ve found that clients prefer to drop into one of the many Benjamin Moore Locations to see the colours in person, of course, we’ll have a colour swatch booklet with us for your consultation as well. Book A Quote!
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Most Searched Colours

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Colour Gallery

Stain Colours

Of Course, We Also Do Custom

Available In

White, Oak, Ash, Hickory, Red Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry

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Client Reviews

Rated 5/5 ★★★★★ based on over 45+ reviews.

    “As a General Contractor for over 15 years, I had installed kitchen cabinets from all of the major brands. During an Ikea kitchen installation, I started to notice that most companies box frames were manufactured the same as IKEA kitchen cabinets, with only the doors and facing being of a higher quality. I decided to purchase high-end custom doors and facing and mount them on IKEA Secktion boxes because if their affordability and the result was significant. I could give my clients high-end cabinetry for approximately 35% less. Even more so, I could reface older cabinetry for those with a lesser budget to a premium quality. All this with an endless choice door styles. Today our Ikea kitchen installers do about 10 Ikea kitchens a month and I can’t say enough about the quality of the new Ikea system. “

    White kitchen refacing Oakville

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    It’s common in the Oakville kitchen refacing industry for manufacturers to purchase center panel blanks but all of our center panels are made from the same lumber as the Stiles and Rails. The center panels are designed to float in the stiles and rails. The solid center panels can shrink and swell with extreme changes in temperature or humidity. Our cabinet door panel is suspended using multiple pieces of secret foam fillers to ensure a swelling panel does not force the stiles and rails to separate at the joints. Our doors are clamped under high pressure in specially designed pneumatic clamps. The clamps ensure the doors are perfectly square and the joints are tight. We use super high-quality glue that is imported from Europe. This system, along with extremely high tolerance joinery lets us make a door that contains no metal. No pins, no brads, no nails, no staples. We make doors right and we guarantee them. Cabinet doors are assembled from five individually machined components including a solid wood center panel. We manufacture our center panels in-house, with careful attention to grain direction, grain character, and colour match. Although we showcase many of our doors in Maple all of these door styles are available in any species of wood. Check out some of our reviews from our Oakville, Ontario location.

    Ikea Kitchen Design With Custom Doors

    With the Ikea kitchen design service, you have a whole new world to your kitchen design. It is a revolutionary concept where you design all the components of your kitchen according to the space you have available then let Ikea manufacture all the components for you. Yours then is simply to assemble everything together and have your dream kitchen. While using Ikea kitchens, you will have to make some decisions concerning style and functionality. One such choice you won’t avoid is the type and style of doors of cabinets to use. Fortunately, Ikea provides you with a rich variety of door styles and door types guaranteed to meet the tastes and preferences of each client. However, if you find that your type of door is not included, you have the freedom to customize the kind of door you want and Ikea Kitchens will be glad to manufacture it. With regards to using different doors for Ikea cabinets, the options are simply huge for you. They include but are not limited to the following:

    French Country cabinet doors: Ikea kitchens designed in the French country style are rich and bright with colours such as pink, gold, olive and deep red. Others may exude beautiful natural colours like natural granite or neutral. You can find these types of doors, with a myriad of variations for your Ikea kitchen cabinets.

    Cottage Cabinet Doors: If you prefer the less formal look for your Ikea kitchen, you will be pleased to learn about the wide range of cottage-style cabinet doors available to you. Whether you prefer smooth, wood stain or textured paints, you are guaranteed to find a wide variety from Ikea.

    Contemporary Italian: Italian designs have always been a darling of many people. It’s not just in fashion but also in furniture where they have made a mark for having some of the top-notch designs in the world. For Ikea Kitchen cabinet doors, you can find a variety of contemporary Italian styles which will accentuate virtually any kind of décor you have in your kitchen. With the contemporary Italian cabinet doors, it’s not just about the style, but also, they are functionally safe and sound.

    Happy Modern Style: Perhaps the sunny look of the happy modern kitchen is what you desire for your Ikea kitchen cabinet doors. These feature light cabinetry with quality open shelving to give you additional room for storage. You will be delighted with the superfluity of the Happy Modern style cabinet doors available at Ikea.

    Contemporary Scandinavian Styles: The contemporary Scandinavian styles will never fail to feature whenever you are considering furniture styles. This is usually the case for people who love natural, minimal chic looks in their designs. With the Ikea kitchen cabinets, you find a wide variety of contemporary Scandinavian-styled doors to complement your entire design. It will interest you to know that with the solutions offered by Ikea Kitchen, it is not just the kitchen doors that can feature these styles. As a matter of fact, you will get great results if you settle on one theme for your Ikea kitchen. However, with the ease of customization of the kitchen design, you are still free to feature different themes for the overall kitchen design and the design of the cabinetry. Back to