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Case Study:
  • We took one measured kitchen cabinet design, sent it to all three of the big box stores for quotes in their premier brands (these would be the equivalent quality of our finished product).
  • We then quoted the same design for a kitchen refacing in the same style, the results were an average savings of 45% versus complete kitchen cabinet replacement. If cabinets are eligible for refacing we always recommend.

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Cabinet Refacing: The Benefits
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Dramatically cut down the cost, time and the inconvenience of creating your ideal kitchen
Extend the existing kitchen design while achieving a look of uniformity
Fantastic value for home staging with a maximum return on investment.
Clients often use the savings to upgrade countertops, backsplashes, sinks, and taps

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    Kitchen Refinishing Company

    In Caledon’s kitchen refacing sector, manufacturers often buy premade center panels. However, we craft ours from the same lumber as the Stiles and Rails. They’re designed to float within the stiles and rails, compensating for temperature or humidity-induced size changes. To prevent joint separation due to swelling, we use secret foam fillers to suspend our cabinet door panel, ensuring durability and quality.

    kitchen cabinet refacing Caledon

    Kitchen Refacing: All You Need to Know

    Our doors are clamped under high pressure in specially designed pneumatic clamps. The clamps ensure the doors are perfectly square and the joints are tight. We use super high-quality glue that is imported from Europe. This system, along with extremely high tolerance joinery lets us make a door that contains no metal. No pins, no brads, no nails, no staples. We make doors right and we guarantee them.

    Cabinet doors are assembled from five individually machined components including a solid wood center panel. We manufacture our center panels in-house, with careful attention to grain direction, grain character, and colour match. Although we showcase many of our doors in Maple all of these door styles are available in any species of wood.

    Kitchen cabinet refacing offers a swift and budget-friendly way to rejuvenate your kitchen’s look. This process begins with the removal of old cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Then, the cabinet boxes are skillfully veneered, instantly refreshing their appearance. The key lies in choosing the right materials and finishes for this veneer, which dramatically alters the kitchen’s aesthetic. Cabinet refacing is efficient, usually completed much quicker than a full remodel. It’s eco-friendly, reducing waste by reusing existing structures. This method is ideal for those seeking a significant visual upgrade without the extensive time and expense of a complete kitchen overhaul. It provides a remarkable change, offering a fresh, modern look with minimal disruption.

    kitchen refinishing company Caledon

    Kitchen Refacing Near Me Caledon – Why Use a Local Company

    When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you’re going to want to get the best possible deal. It’s not an easy process as there are so many different moving parts. For most people, renovations can be quite stressful because of unexpected surprises. This is when using a local company is so important. Using an experienced kitchen company during a renovation can help by easing the demand on your time and navigating the troubled waters associated with renovating a kitchen. With over 20 years and hundreds of installs we can make it easy.

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