How to Identify Old IKEA Kitchen Cabinets?

How to Identify Old IKEA Kitchen Cabinets?

Question: How to Identify Old IKEA Kitchen Cabinets?
Answer: To identify old IKEA kitchen cabinets, check for the IKEA logo, model name, or product code on the inside of the cabinet doors or drawers. You can also compare the design and hardware with old IKEA catalogs or online resources.

Kitchen Chronicles: Finding the Age of Your IKEA Cabinets

Inheriting or purchasing a home with an IKEA kitchen can be exciting. But how do you determine the age of those cabinets? Knowing the age can influence decisions about renovation, replacement, or simply appreciating the vintage character. This guide explores various methods for identifying the age of your IKEA kitchen cabinets. [ 1 ]

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Deciphering the Clues: Examining Cabinet Features

Several physical features of your IKEA cabinets can offer clues about their age:

  • Door style:

    IKEA discontinues certain cabinet door styles over time. Researching online resources or visiting IKEA with a sample door might help identify the style and its production period.
  • Hinge design:

    IKEA hinge designs have evolved over the years. Older cabinets might have a single, butterfly-shaped hinge, while newer models have a two-piece hinge system.
  • Drawer construction:

    Early IKEA drawers often had grey drawer sides and backs with white bottoms. Current models typically feature all-white drawer interiors.
  • Cabinet depth:

    Standard IKEA cabinet depths have changed slightly over time. Measuring the depth of your cabinets can provide another clue, although variations might exist depending on the specific cabinet line.

Carefully examine these features of your cabinets and compare them to information available online or from IKEA customer service.

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Investigating the Label: The Cabinet Code

Look for a label or stamp on the inside of your cabinet. This label might contain valuable information for dating your cabinets:

  • Date codes:

    Some IKEA cabinets have a date code imprinted on the label. The format of the code can vary, but it might include a year or production week and year combination.
  • Article numbers:

    The label might also include an article number. While not a definitive dating method, researching discontinued IKEA article numbers online can provide clues about the cabinet’s age range.
  • Manufacturer information:

    Older IKEA cabinets might have labels with the country of manufacture. IKEA production locations have shifted over time, and this information can be a supplementary dating hint.

While the presence of a label isn’t guaranteed, it can offer valuable clues about the origin and potential age of your cabinets.

Consulting Past Catalogues: A Window to the Past

IKEA catalogues offer a historical record of their product offerings. Here’s how catalogues can aid in identifying your cabinet’s age:

  • Online archives:

    IKEA provides online archives of past catalogues on their website. Search through these archives, looking for images and descriptions that match your cabinet style and features.
  • Year of publication:

    The publication date of the catalogue will indicate the approximate timeframe when your cabinet style was likely available for purchase.
  • Consider limitations:

    Catalogues might not showcase every available style, and some styles might have been offered for a few years. Catalogue dating provides an estimate, not a definitive answer.

While not a foolproof method, browsing past IKEA catalogues can provide valuable insights into the potential age of your cabinets.

Harnessing the Power of Knowledge: Consulting Experts

If the above methods prove inconclusive, consider seeking help from experts:

  • IKEA customer service:

    Contact IKEA customer service with detailed information about your cabinets, such as door style, hinge design, and any label markings. A customer service representative might be able to assist in identifying the approximate age based on their knowledge of past product lines.
  • Vintage kitchen specialists:

    Experts specializing in vintage kitchens might have experience identifying older IKEA cabinetry styles. Consider contacting such specialists with photos or detailed descriptions of your cabinets.

Consulting experts can be a worthwhile option if you’re determined to pinpoint the exact age of your IKEA cabinets.

Appreciating Your Kitchen’s Story

While knowing the age of your IKEA cabinets can be valuable, remember that their functionality and overall condition are also important factors. Here are some additional considerations:

  • Functionality:

    Do the cabinets function well? Are there any damaged components that require repair or replacement?
  • Aesthetics:

    Do you like the overall look and style of the cabinets? Would a refresh with paint or new hardware enhance their appearance?
  • Sustainability:

    Reusing existing cabinets, even older models, is an environmentally friendly approach. Consider ways to update them for a fresh look.

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Regardless of their age, your IKEA cabinets can be a valuable asset in your kitchen. With a little detective work and creative thinking, you can determine their age and plan for their future in your culinary haven.



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