What Colour Should I Repaint My Kitchen Cabinets?

What Colour Should I Repaint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Question: What Colour Should I Repaint My Kitchen Cabinets?
Answer: You should repaint your kitchen cabinets in neutral tones like white, gray, or beige for a timeless look, or consider trendy colors like navy blue or sage green for a modern touch.

Choosing the Perfect Colour for Your Kitchen Cabinets: A Guide for Homeowners

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, shared, and memories are made. As such, the design of your kitchen should reflect your personality and create a space that is both functional and inviting. One of the most impactful ways to achieve this is through colour, specifically the colour of your cabinets. [ 1 ]

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However, selecting the perfect colour for your kitchen cabinets can feel daunting. There are countless options available, each with its own unique influence on the overall look and feel of the space. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and considerations to make a confident and stylish decision.

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Considering the Size and Light of Your Kitchen

The size and natural light conditions of your kitchen are crucial factors when choosing a cabinet colour. Light and airy colours can make a small kitchen feel larger and more open. Classic white or light grey are timeless choices that will create a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Darker colours can add drama and sophistication to a large kitchen with ample natural light. Deep navy blue, charcoal grey, or even black cabinets can create a stunning focal point and a sense of intimacy.

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Finding Balance with Colour

If you have a small kitchen but are drawn to darker colours, consider a two-tone approach. Paint the lower cabinets in a darker shade and the upper cabinets in a lighter colour. This creates visual interest while maintaining a sense of openness.

Matching Your Cabinet Colour to Your Kitchen Style

The style of your kitchen should also inform your colour selection. Here are some general recommendations:

  • Traditional Kitchens:

    Classic white, cream, or light beige cabinets complement traditional kitchens that feature detailed mouldings and warm wood tones.
  • Modern Kitchens:

    Bold colours like black, navy blue, or even jewel tones can make a statement in a modern kitchen with clean lines and sleek finishes.
  • Transitional Kitchens:

    Transitional kitchens blend traditional and modern elements. Grey cabinets, in a variety of shades, offer a perfect balance for this style.

Thinking Outside the Box

While these are general guidelines, there are no hard and fast rules. Don’t be afraid to experiment and choose a colour that speaks to you. For example, a pale yellow can add a touch of cheerfulness to a traditional kitchen, while a sage green can bring a touch of nature to a modern space.

Complementing Your Countertops and Flooring

The colour of your countertops and flooring should also be considered when choosing a cabinet colour. Neutral colours like white, grey, or beige cabinets will provide a versatile backdrop that allows you to experiment with bolder countertop and flooring colours.

Creating Contrast

If you have dark countertops or flooring, lighter coloured cabinets can create a nice contrast and prevent the space from feeling too heavy. Conversely, light countertops can pair beautifully with darker cabinets for a dramatic effect.

Considering the Overall Colour Scheme

Think about the overall colour scheme you envision for your kitchen. Do you want a light and airy space, or a dark and moody one? Once you have a general idea, you can select colours for your cabinets, countertops, flooring, and backsplash that work together harmoniously.

Finding Inspiration

There are many resources available to help you find inspiration for your kitchen cabinet colour selection. Look at online design galleries, browse through home improvement magazines, or visit kitchen showrooms to see different colour combinations in person.

Sample Colours Before You Commit

Once you have narrowed down your colour choices, it is essential to order samples and paint them directly onto your cabinets. This will allow you to see how the colour looks in your specific lighting and how it interacts with your existing countertops and flooring.

The Final Touch: Hardware

The hardware you choose for your cabinets can also play a significant role in the overall look and feel of your kitchen. For example, brushed nickel hardware complements a modern kitchen with cool-toned cabinets, while oil-rubbed bronze hardware adds warmth to a traditional kitchen with cream-coloured cabinets.

By following these tips and considering your personal preferences, you can choose the perfect colour for your kitchen cabinets and create a space that you’ll love for years to come.


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