Can I Replace Akurum with SEKTION?

Can I Replace Akurum with SEKTION?

Question: Can I Replace Akurum with SEKTION?
Answer: It’s possible, but not recommended, to replace Akurum cabinets with SEKTION cabinets from IKEA. However, due to differences in dimensions and mounting systems, modifications may be necessary for a seamless transition.

Can I Replace Akurum with SEKTION? Upgrading Your Kitchen with SEKTION Cabinets

IKEA’s kitchens are renowned for their functionality and affordability. If you’re the proud owner of an older IKEA kitchen featuring the Akurum cabinet system, you might be considering an upgrade. However, a common question arises: can IKEA’s current SEKTION cabinets seamlessly replace your existing Akurum cabinets? This guide will explore the compatibility between these two cabinetry systems and offer solutions for revamping your kitchen.

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Farewell, Akurum: Unveiling the Differences

While both Akurum and SEKTION represent IKEA’s commitment to functional and stylish kitchens, there are some key differences between the two systems. These variations can impact whether SEKTION cabinets can directly replace Akurum cabinets. [ 1 ]

  • Cabinet Dimensions:

    One of the main distinctions lies in cabinet sizing. SEKTION cabinets boast slightly larger dimensions than their Akurum counterparts. This difference, although minor, can prevent a perfect fit, particularly when replacing cabinet doors or drawer fronts.
  • Hardware Discrepancies:

    The mounting hardware for doors and drawers also differs between the two systems. Akurum cabinets use an older hardware design, while SEKTION cabinets incorporate a newer system. This incompatibility makes it impossible to use Akurum doors or drawer fronts on SEKTION cabinets, and vice versa.

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Considering a Full SEKTION Kitchen Renovation

Given the dimensional and hardware discrepancies, directly replacing Akurum cabinets with SEKTION cabinets is not recommended. However, this doesn’t mean a complete kitchen overhaul is your only option. Upgrading to a full SEKTION kitchen offers several advantages:

  • Modern Design:

    SEKTION cabinets boast a contemporary aesthetic, featuring clean lines and a wider variety of door and drawer front styles.
  • Improved Functionality:

    The SEKTION system offers enhanced functionality with features like soft-close drawers and improved cabinet organization solutions.
  • Greater Selection:

    With SEKTION, you have a wider selection of cabinet sizes, colours, and finishes to personalize your kitchen design.

Revamping with SEKTION Elements: Strategic Upgrades

If a complete renovation isn’t feasible, you can still achieve a refreshed look by incorporating specific SEKTION elements into your existing Akurum kitchen. Here are some possibilities:

  • Replacing Appliances:

    Upgrading your appliances can significantly modernize your kitchen’s look. Most modern appliances are designed to fit seamlessly within both Akurum and SEKTION cabinetry, provided they adhere to standard sizing.
  • Adding an Island or Pantry:

    SEKTION cabinets can be used to create a new island or pantry unit that complements your existing Akurum cabinets. This approach injects a fresh design element while maximizing storage space.
  • Replacing Countertops and Backsplashes:

    New countertops and backsplashes can dramatically transform the overall feel of your kitchen. These elements can be chosen to complement the existing Akurum cabinets while offering a more modern touch.

The Importance of Measurements: Planning Your Kitchen Refresh

Before embarking on any upgrades, meticulous measuring is crucial. Carefully measure your existing Akurum cabinets and the designated space for any planned additions. Thoroughly research the dimensions of the SEKTION cabinets or appliances you’re considering to ensure compatibility within your existing layout.

Seeking Professional Help: Ensuring a Smooth Renovation

While some DIY enthusiasts might feel comfortable tackling a kitchen refresh themselves, consulting with a qualified kitchen designer or contractor is often recommended. These professionals can offer valuable advice on maximizing the use of your existing Akurum cabinets while incorporating SEKTION elements seamlessly. They can also assist with tasks like measuring, planning the layout, and ensuring proper installation.

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While directly replacing Akurum cabinets with SEKTION cabinets isn’t ideal due to size and hardware differences, there are still ways to achieve a modern and functional kitchen. Consider a full SEKTION renovation for a complete transformation or strategically incorporate SEKTION elements alongside your existing Akurum cabinets for a refreshed look. Remember, careful planning and professional guidance can ensure a smooth and successful kitchen upgrade.



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