Does Cabinet Refacing Hold Up?

Does Cabinet Refacing Hold Up?

Question: Does Cabinet Refacing Hold Up?
Answer: When done properly with quality materials, cabinet refacing can hold up well and provide a durable and attractive finish.

Does Cabinet Refacing Hold Up? The Durability of a Kitchen Upgrade

If outdated or worn-out kitchen cabinets have you longing for a change, cabinet refacing offers a compelling alternative. It revitalizes your kitchen’s appearance without the hefty price tag or disruption of a complete cabinet replacement. However, before committing to this renovation, it’s essential to understand whether the results stand the test of time. Let’s explore the factors influencing the durability of refaced cabinets and when this solution might be the perfect fit.

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What Does Cabinet Refacing Entail?

Cabinet refacing centers on replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new designs and finishes. Your contractor often applies matching veneer to the exposed faces of existing cabinet boxes. This process revitalizes old surfaces and creates a cohesive, updated kitchen aesthetic. [ 1 ]

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Factors That Dictate the Longevity of Refaced Cabinets

Structural Integrity of Existing Cabinets

The success of any refacing project hinges heavily on the condition of your existing cabinet boxes. If the boxes are structurally unsound, compromised, or showing signs of deterioration, refacing is merely a temporary fix.

Quality of Materials

The materials your contractor uses directly impact how well your refaced cabinets endure the rigors of daily kitchen use. Durable options like solid wood veneers, rigid thermofoil (RTF), and high-quality laminates offer greater resistance to wear and tear than lower-grade materials.


The skill and technique of your contractor play a critical role in the long-term success of your project. Proper installation, meticulous application of veneers, and careful alignment of doors and drawers are essential for both visual appeal and lasting durability.


Regular cleaning and proper care significantly extend the lifespan of your refaced cabinets. Address grease, spills, and any chips or peeling in the veneer promptly to prevent further damage.

The Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Cabinet refacing offers a significant cost advantage over a complete kitchen remodel. Less demolition reduces both material expenses and labor costs.

  • Time Efficiency: Cabinet refacing projects can typically be completed in a shorter timeframe than a full remodel, minimizing disruption to your household.

  • Environmental Considerations: By preserving the existing structure of your cabinets, refacing reduces waste and contributes to a smaller environmental footprint.

When Refacing Might Not Be the Optimal Choice

  • Severe Structural Damage: Cabinet refacing cannot remedy significant warping, severe deterioration, or fundamental flaws in the existing cabinet boxes.

  • Outdated or Poorly Designed Layout: Refacing maintains the basic layout of your kitchen. If you desire an entirely new layout or functionality, a full renovation is necessary.

  • Extremely Low-Quality Cabinet Boxes: If your original cabinets were built from exceptionally flimsy materials, even with refacing, they may not withstand the test of time.

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Refaced Cabinets

Take these steps to ensure your refaced cabinets provide lasting enjoyment:

  • Choose high-quality materials: Opt for veneers and hardware known for their durability and resilience to daily kitchen life.

  • Select a reputable contractor: Research and choose a contractor with a demonstrated track record in cabinet refacing and a reputation for superior workmanship.

  • Maintain your cabinets: Regular cleaning with mild products and prompt attention to minor damage will keep your cabinets looking their best.

The Verdict on Cabinet Refacing

When your existing cabinet boxes are structurally sound, and you are happy with the overall layout of your kitchen, cabinet refacing can be a wise and enduring solution. With careful planning, high-quality materials, and proper maintenance, you can expect your refaced cabinets to deliver both enhanced appeal and lasting value for years to come.

Making an Informed Decision

If a kitchen upgrade is on your mind, consulting with a kitchen designer or experienced contractor is always wise. They will carefully assess your existing cabinets, discuss your goals and budget, and guide you toward the most suitable approach for achieving your desired outcome. With the right strategy, you can transform your kitchen into a space you adore.



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